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5 Frequently Overlooked Auto Maintenance Tasks

Some Auto Maintenance services, such as checkups and oil changes, are second nature to auto owners. However, some equally important maintenance tasks are often overlooked. Cars have numerous vital systems that gradually wear down, and when they do, they can cause big problems. Here are a few of the most frequently ignored auto care tasks.

Air Filter Changes

Almost all cars and trucks have an engine air filter and a cabin air filter. These filters are accessible and inexpensive, but many drivers neglect to replace them. With routine air filter replacements, drivers will preserve their vehicles’ important systems and improve cabin air quality.

Transmission Fluid

Most drivers know that engine oil is crucial, but they may not check the transmission fluid very often. Just like engine oil, transmission fluid becomes contaminated with time. It’s also vital to check the filter, pan, and other parts. If there are odd noises when shifting or there’s red fluid leaking out of the vehicle, repairs may be necessary.

Battery Terminals

Many auto owners don’t devote much time to their car batteries. However, neglecting the battery may have disastrous consequences. If a connection becomes loose, the vehicle may not start. When the battery is changed, be sure all connections are fully tightened. If those connections are powdery in appearance, they may be corroded.

Motor Mounts

A car’s motor mounts play a key role in engine stabilization, but many people are unaware that they can break or become loose with time. The biggest indicator of a motor mount issue is shaking or noise in the engine itself. These parts aren’t expensive, but they are important enough to be checked at least once per year.

Wheel Alignment

If wheel alignment isn’t part of a driver’s overall car care plan, it should be. Poor alignment may cause uneven tire tread wear, lead to a dangerous blowout, or void the tire warranty. With the next oil change or annual service, ask about wheel alignment.


People lead busy lives, and it’s easy to disregard car maintenance. However, by paying attention to what a vehicle needs, it becomes easier to keep that vehicle on the road for years to come.

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